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What Is SEO?

It’s back bone to your website.  It is what tells Google, Bing etc. what to rank your site for.  It is incredibly important to focus on both on page and off page SEO to maximise your websites effectiveness.

If you’re looking at getting a website built or you’ve had a website built for you and it’s not ranking then this is important to getting the most out of your investment.

Once you’ve optimised the content on your website it is then important to focus on your sites Domain Authority, Speed & Usability

Domain Authority is what tells Google how important and popular your site is, because if your site is more important or popular than others it will want to rank it higher.  

Increasing high quality backlinks to your site is one way to increase it’s DA rating.

Image optimisation as one way to improve your websites loading speed.  Google penalises websites with a poor load time, so sites that are full of huge images or videos will suffer.

Next on Google’s “hit list” is a websites Bounce Rate.  This is described as the moment a new visitor visits your website to the moment they leave.  If they don’t see what they’re after and leave quickly your site will be negatively impacted.

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SEO | Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the backbone to your website.

You can check how your website ranks using tools like Moz or Ubersuggest.

If you would like a more detailed analysis of your websites SEO then contact us today for a free assessment.

What Do We Cover?

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How will working with Tylark Media help you ?

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Improved Organic Monthly Visitors
Our SEO services aim to improve your websites organic monthly visitors to increase the likelyhood of you getting more clients through your website.
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Increase Keywords
The more keywords your website ranks for the more opportunity you have of being found online.
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Improved Domain Authority
A higher Domain Authority helps improve your websites ranking. By building high value backlinks we can improve your sites DA and increase it's rankings within Google
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Why is SEO so important? | SEO Consultant Auckland

Yes, you can pay to get people to your website using advertising platforms such as Google Ads or social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

So why focus all this time and attention on your websites search engine optimisation?

The simple answer is this.  When you stop paying for ads, the visitors stop coming.  However if you’ve built up your website to rank well on search engines it will always rank.  Unless a competitor comes along and steals your place.

SEO is long term.  It’s an investment.  Ranking your website high on the likes of Google will make your business stand out, look professional and give you credibility.

It also means your website will remain ranking high in SERP results and with regular work done, you’ll stay there.