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Our Top 10 Marketing Tips

Here are a few top tips to get your business going.

Get A Website Built

Even if its a simple one page site for the time being, it’s best to get online as soon as possible. Google uses the age of domain and website as a ranking factor, essentially assuming that the older a website the more prestigious the business. Older domain names have better ranking capabilities than new ones, so getting your domain registered and live early on will be a huge benefit to your business down the line.

Getting Seen Online | Our Top 10 Marketing Tips

By this we mean getting seen on Google. A huge part of getting your website ranking is the correct use of SEO on your website. Search Engine Optimisation is the work involved in getting Google to rank your website above your competitors. This is unfortunately a rather long term process, as it takes time for Google to read and rank your website. As mentioned above, if the website is new it will take longer to rank well due to the age of the domain.

Get Listed On Directories

Getting your business details up on directory sites can have a really good effect on your local rankings. Using sites such as Yell, Yelp and others can benefit your Trust Rank with Google as well as offer the potential for customers who are using these sites to find businesses like yours.

Get Listed On Social Media | Our Top 10 Marketing Tips

Having social media profiles for your business can also benefit your SEO and Trust Rank. Not only that but it can put you in direct contact with potential clients looking for businesses like yours. Just try to avoid spammy selling techniques, instead give people useful content that they can use that will benefit them. That’s the secret to growing a good following.

Business Cards

You’d think in 2021 these would be a thing of the past right? Well apart from Covid putting a bit of a dampener on social meetings, having a good looking business card can really help give you the right image for your business. Funnily enough, if you’ve got a cheap looking business card psychology states that someone who receives that card might assume you’re cheap. Maybe you don’t care how you look or how professional you come across. This starts putting doubts in peoples minds about your business. All because you skimped on the high quality paper stock.

Build Up A Portfolio | Our Top 10 Marketing Tips

This doesn’t have to be a huge binder with thousands of photos. It could be something simple like an instagram page or a page on your website. Just somewhere you can refer people to that want to see some of your past work.

Get Some Great Reviews

People look for reviews. If you don’t have any, or the reviews you have are less than honourable you’re in trouble. Focus on getting good reviews from genuine clients and highlight these reviews for the whole world to see.

Grow Your Email List | Our Top 10 Marketing Tips

Businesses are built using email lists. There is a reason the biggest companies in the world such as Amazon and Apple will spam the hell out of your inbox. Because it gets sales. Now I don’t mean you should spam people. But growing an email list and sending useful content to your readers with the occasional sales pitch will do wonders for your business.

Use Google My Business

An underused tool in my opinion. Underused because it could generate so much more work for businesses that provide local services or products. People don’t know how important this tool really is until they start using it properly. Because of this, getting to grips with Google My Business now will set you apart from the rest.

Help Others | Our Top 10 Marketing Tips

One good deed can be all you need to get multiple referrals. Helping someone out can benefit your business in the long term, better than any discount or sale. In this day and age, going viral for a good deed has created millionaires. So the next time you get the chance to help someone, remember that Karma comes back around eventually.

Our Top 10 Marketing Tips

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our top 10 marketing tips