Our Price List & Fees

Transparency Is Paramount To Building Trust

That’s why we want to be as up front and honest about our fees and what we charge for what. So hopefully this post should set your mind at ease a little.

All our prices can be adjusted, depending on what your budget is and how much work you want done. We’ll try and be as clear as possible but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate contact us.

Below Is A Breakdown Of Our Price List & Fees

Search Engine Marketing – Management & Optimisation of Google Ads (Price Excludes Ad Spend)From $300/month
Search Engine Optimisation – On-Page Optimisation of Website, Images, Header Tags, Alt Tags, Blog ContentFrom $500/month
Search Engine Optimisation– Off-Page Optimisation including Back Link Building and Citation BuildingFrom $300/month
Social Media Marketing – Management & Optimisation of Social Media Ads such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (Price Excludes Ad Spend)From $300/month
Social Media Management – Managing Social Media Profiles, Updating, Posting Content (Price Per Social Profile)$150/month
Web Design – Design and Build A New Website including 1 Year Hosting (Excludes Domain Registration & Plug-In Fees)From $500*
Consulting – Consulting Appointments for Weekly or Monthly Meetings$80/hour
*Costs for website is a one-off fee, but can be split into monthly payments. Ownership of website will be transferred once payments are finished.

Prices are based from a base fee as costs do depend on certain factors such as; size of website, difficulty of keywords, competition, campaign amount. Costs are based on New Zealand Dollar and exclude GST.

price list & fees

Multiple Service Discount

If there are several services you require talk to us about a package price. We love working with clients who are keen to improve their digital marketing across the board. So working with clients who not only need SEO, but SEM & SMM means we can be more involved in helping them achieve their goals and help grow their business.

Contact us today to get in touch and discuss working together.