How SMM Benefits Your Business

How SMM Benefits Your Business

What Is SMM?

SMM or Social Media Marketing is paying for advertising space on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Similar to SEM or Search Engine Marketing, essentially you create ads to audiences that you create using data generated by your social media page and the platform algorithm.

Why Is SMM Important To Your Business?

Social Media Marketing can be massive for your business if done correctly. In the last 10 years businesses have been able to grow from nowhere to multi-million dollar empires using social media as their main platform. Now we don’t recommend solely using social media, you should always have your own website and contacts list. But social media is HUGE.

Whether you provide a local service to customers within a certain radius to your business or you ship products all over the world, being present and consistent on social media can really benefit your business.

So Why Pay For Advertising?

Unfortunately, many social media companies have noticed that businesses are able to grow on their platforms without any real benefit to them. So guess what? they changed their algorithms to reduce organic viewing and decided that in order to communicate with all of your followers you either need to create viral content or pay for the privilege.

As it’s increasingly difficult to produce viral content, paid advertising is the way forward to getting your businesses profile pages seen by customers and perspective customers looking for a product or service you provide.

There are many forms of advertising on social media platforms. On Facebook alone you can advertise your business for; Page Likes, Post Engagement, Website Traffic, Lead Forms, Shop Purchases and more.

How To Get The Most From Your Ad Spend?

If you’ve already read our article about Search Engine Marketing you’ll already know that optimisation is essential. You can’t quickly create an ad and leave it. You need to optimise your audience, collect data, split test and adapt.

For example, a client of mine was paying $2 per page like for an ad they created as they followed Facebook’s guide, uploaded a single image, header and description and waited for the results.
Once I took over I was able to create a better ad campaign built specifically for page likes which gave their page credibility and social clout. I was able to reduce the cost per like down to $0.05.

SMM Benefits

What Are The Benefits To SMM?

The main benefit to search engine marketing is you’re advertising direct to consumers. People spend roughly 1-2 hours a day on social media, advertising to the right person can improve your branding and build trust with consumers.

Social media platforms are growing more every year. This is mainly due to the profits they’re making from businesses like yourselves paying to advertise on them. Fortunately though that money isn’t entirely lining their pockets. The money is being put back into the platforms meaning more people will be using them, resulting in more people to advertise to.

What Are The Cons To SMM?

I think the main negative to SMM marketing is that it is very competitive and very diluted. No matter what platform you’re on you get inundated with ads that most people simply scroll past. You need to stand out and advertise to the right audience in order to get the most out of your Search Engine Marketing Ads.

If you’re interested in getting the most from your social media profiles and need help advertising your page then contact us today to discuss us managing your page or ad campaigns.