Want more from your business listing?

Your Google business listing can give you so much more, if only you used it!

Google My Business

Getting to the front page of Google is a long process.  Using SEO techniques to get a website ranking in the top 10 of SERP results can often take 3 – 6 months or so depending on the local competition.

Optimising your Google My Business listing can take less than half the time.

By being in the ‘Map Pack’ section of a search phrase or keyword you can come up on the front page of Google above all the organic listings.

Great for businesses that provide a local service or sell products to the local community.

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Google Business Listing Management

Getting your business on Google could be as easy as setting up a business listing.

We can manage and optimise your Google Business Listing to help improve your local listing results, getting you seen by more local customers who are searching for your products or services.

All this for only $250/month.
No contracts, no cancellation fee and no hidden charges.

Example of Google Map Pack section in search results for search term "plumber in auckland"

Google My Business Optimisation

What are the Key Benefits?

  • Improve local search result rankings
  • Get more local business
  • Be seen before competitors on Google 
  • Keep customers updated on business open hours and events
  • More cost effective than SEO or SEM
  • Get to the front page of Google faster than standard SEO

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